Like water lost in the sea <;3 (xx_curs3d) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Like water lost in the sea <;3


=O I did my dreads yesterday. My friend Samantha helped me....and I'm actually really happy with them =] The only thing is that they're a bit frizzy with some stray hairs and I think it's because she didn't really sesction it, just kind of clipped it up and went in rows. I also don't know if they're knotted as tight as they should be, either. I've been so neurotic about that all of yesterday night, trying to rebackcomb to get the roots more knotted and palm rolling like crazy! [which i know i shouldn't do so oops =( ] anyways, any advice as to the frizz? and oh,

They're frizzy like crazy =O Even more now since I slept on them

And I choose this one 'cause it looks cool lol
That's Mary & I and we're playing twister ahahhahahhahahaah

oooooh one more thing.
it's not a problem that i put the beads in right away, is it?

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