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hey everyone.
just wanted to update on my dreads situation. i doubt very much that anyone will remember me, but cares.
the goop that was in them is pretty much all gone, and i havent used wax in about 2, maybe 2 1/2 months (theyre coming up 4 months old). its great. having dry unsticky dreads is awesome. my scalp is nowhere near as bad as it was, but it still gets a little flaky from time to time. nothing i cant handle though.

the ends of the back/bottom dreads by the base of my neck are turning up and folding. one dread has folded completely in half. originally, i was saddened by this, but its so fat and matted now that its my favourite. anyone else had this happen?
theyre also getting to a point where the roota need a bit of maintenence. obviously, i have read enough to know not to backcomb, and i have been reading the memories. but im stupid and uncoordinated, it would seem, so whats the best way to do it? around about how long does it take for them to start dreading up? sorry for the obvious impatience, its a flaw of mine. one i thought i would be ridding myself of, seeing as dreads take patience. i'll get better, i promise! i dont think im going to be able to do anything to them for a while, though, seeing as ive broken my arm. told you i was uncoordinated.

not the best pics, but thats me anyway.
anyways thanks for any comments/info/advice.
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