Manda (eowierthien) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hey all, I've just put in new dreads...well, in the process of....and I was wondering if you all could give some tried and true (or ones that worked for you) methods of how to make them lock better and faster...well, faster is relative.....I had them once before...but they were miserable and not locking at all after several I cut them...and now with much shorter hair, am trying again!!!

I'm very excited and wish for some advice from *experienced* dreadheads...

Wax or no wax....rubberbands?? washing?? what's the information you can give me??? I read a bit in the memories section....but trying to piece together all that information gives a worse headache then backcombing five inch hair!!!! ;)

Thanks all and peace!!!
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