Like water lost in the sea <;3 (xx_curs3d) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Like water lost in the sea <;3

School today was fun.

So today was my first time going to school with my new hair hahahah. I can't even BEGIN to explain how many times I got stared up and down. It was insane. People even said things similar to, "Ewwwww oh my gawd, that girl has DREADLOCKS!!" when I had my headphones on and they thought I couldn't hear them. Usually, stuff like that would bother me. But it didn't. So I feel very powerful =O Also, went to the health store and baught Dr. Bronners. I read the whole bottle. And let me tell you, I was quite aggravated to find out that most everything written on there has to do with god. what the hell. >:-O hahha. also...

Yes, that is a piece of cut up nylon on my head. :D
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