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For some reason (that clearly has nothing to do with the copious amounts of it I've been eating...) my dreads smell like toast today.

Lately I've been annoyed at them because my hair is smooth and silky and straight and soft and was refusing to dread itself at the bottom. Last week I re-backcombed it into new baby dreads... that had fallen out by this week. So I twisted them up, flipped them through the roots twice (once north/south, once east/west), split them in half and pulled apart to tighten the knot I'd just made, then backcombed and felted them up and down, including rounding off the tips and felting lots so they can't unravel. I wouldn't recommend doing this on any dreads where the root is visible, or if it's as anything other than a last resort, but I was getting seriously bummed out becuase they just looked so crap.

I also rounded off all my tips on the left side of my head because my dreads have a habit of unravelling and getting long straggly undreaded ends going halfway up the dread.

Cheesy grin - see how much shorter my left side now is. Clearly I just won't go outside until I've done the others :P

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Dreadies all tied up for a shower, check out my giant manly bathrobe. I loved my boyfriend's so much that I had to get one of my own.

I really don't know how everyone here gets such good mirror shots. In one of mine it looked like I had a GIANT HAND (but that was a crappy photo). And before anyone asks, yes that is a pirate belisha beacon (you know, those things on the lights at pelican crossings?) wearing a stovepipe hat on the top of my wardrobe.


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