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Well i thought seeing as I've hurt my back and can't go anywhere, I may as well play with my camera!

Here is my morning face (yes, its 3.15pm, but morning for me!))

This is the remains of my wraps....the last teensy bit from about 2 months ago...

Almost a year old, knotting up nicely 

This is the stumpy on that hides at the back..his name is Jeffrey

These two are eating themselves

This is my fatty

When I first got my dreads, I bought loads of Glass beads. This one, I left in. Now, the only way to get it out is to smash it, cause my dread got fat... :)
I'm thinking of adding one special bead to a different dread for every year I have them. 

But I have to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesnt try snappin my dread in half.

I have loads of loose (or had) curly hairs either side of my neck... They are starting to form their own army. 
I used to make them into dreadballs and shove them into other dreaads, but I gave in.

And thus ends our tour

Expect more next month, when my dreads will have their first birthday!
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