Like water lost in the sea <;3 (xx_curs3d) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Like water lost in the sea <;3

So, today I went to the Auto Show in Detroit with my friend Jessss. And I have some pictures from there. Anyways, Thursday night I washed my hair for the first time and I think it went alright. Only thing is that now they're frizzier than ever, and they got a bit softer [not so happy a bout this], and kinda got curly at the bottoms. But the frizz now is just absolutley out of control. Hahaha. Loose hairs too. But I'm trying my best to be patient.

It looks mostly like messy hair right now more than anything, but I swear they're there if you look close. AHahah. =]

Have a nice day everybody :D
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