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blonde and bitchin'

I feel more like myself now....

a bit of a hangover.... not enough sleep.... it was worth it to go out last night and get my groove on... shake out my dirty nasties to some dubbie glitchie breakbeats.... FUCK yah. Blondes have more fun. Shit, I couldn't believe the neck-snappin' double takes people were doing when I went by.... complements, too... somebody said they like how clean-cut my dreads are..... I think the hugs I was getting were nicer than usual, too.... hah!

I guess I haven't posted here since before I chopped 'em this short.... you should know I totally love them all cute and tiny.... They were dark pink for a while, too.... This is as light as I could get my hair after two bleachings.... it made me regret the magenta dye job a little but at least I only did it once.... I think the condition can handle maybe one more bleaching with a 20 vol. developer at some point.... for now I'm chuffed enuff.

My awesome kitteh wanted in the shot, too...

Notice the new hat.... made by moi....

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