Tairi Danger Perez (taiknee) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Tairi Danger Perez

dumb dumb dumb, but fun fun fun

at my parent's house they have a pool. i get silly around pools... and they make my hair look funny when i jump.

you can kinda see them in this jump too. i don't have a lot of pics of myself, so it's harder to find one of my hair. oh well

so i also went to the botanical gardens to see the Chihuly glass art and i guess you can also see dreads here

this is from the front (my mom fancies herself a glamor-shots photographer). i know they are random pics, but these are literally the only pics of me with dreads. oh well!

they are real dreads, it just doesn't show as much texture when it's bleached and not a close-up. but the ends are loose and soft, which i dig. they'll finish locking up eventually so i'm not stressed. the only thing that scares me is the thought of not finding a teaching job because of them.

and for reference, they are about 5 months old.
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