Felicia (rainbowaster) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

over a year!

so I've kind of...dissapeared.

I live in England now!

my dreads are a year and 23 days old!

I'll have a timeline once the internet in my house is not out anymore, but for now I couple pictures of how they're doing now!

Anyone else in or around brighton?

in the last five minutes before I left my love's apartment for over six months...I was trying REALLY hard not to cry, so silly pictures ensued. Then I bawled my eyes out.
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aaaand more behind the cut, with a slight hint of boobage (you know you want them!)

In my new room, in a dress I later found out is from walmart. I have moral dilemmas every time I wear it. Did they purposefully change their name so the liberal crazies would accidentally shop there? Damn you Asda!
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um...so people get lonely when they're separated from their loved ones. Therefore, we take dirty pictures. This was a tame one.

Tower of London!!! I really AM in England!

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aaand, signing off with a kiss!

I hope everyone is doing well out there in internetsland! I'm off to my deep, dark cave of no internet for the night!
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