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my little rant and my admiration

First off I’d like to say hi!  I’ve been a member of this community over a year admiring all of you beautiful, beautiful, people and dreadlocks.  I have wanted dreadlocks since I was 16 or so (I’m 20 now). While traveling in Europe in 2004, my hair started to dread and gave up my comb. When I returned home to America, I brushed them out.  I never really had a whole set of dreads but I did have a few strong ones before I brushed and conditioned them out.
I told myself after that if I were to ever dread my hair again that I should do it when my hair was down to my ass. My reason being is that dreads are about patience, so is growing your hair out. I figure if I don't have the patience to grow my hair down to my ass then I won't have the patience to ever dreadlock my hair.  My hair is more than half way there (pictures below) and of course, I am still looking forward to the day where I give up my comb, once again.  It really frustrates me when I spend the ten minutes to shampoo and condition my hair and then have my hair super knotty afterwards. My hair WANTS to dread BADLY. But I’m like, no, not yet!
A worry of mine is that my hair will interfere with my school/career of a nurse. I eventually want to become a midwife but for now I’m in this tight nursing program and I’m sure I’d be looked down on if I were to have dreadlocks as a nursing student, in and out of the hospital.
That said, (I could go on but I’m going to stop myself) you are all very beautiful people.  I love the pictures and dreadlock timelines. You guys are awesome!~

Now! To make this not a text-only post....

My frustration:

The length of my hair as of TODAY:

ANDDDDDDDDDD... a picture of my beautiful knotty boyfriend:

keep on growing that hair!!!
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