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this was my first experience with foam rods and overall i'm...underwhelmed. but it was fun. in the past i've used short plastic perm rods. i opted for these longer foam rods because i wanted long loose curls instead of short tight curls.

pros of foam rods

+ really easy to work with in comparisson to the plastic rods. it only took me about an hour to put them in, whereas the plastic rods take a lot longer because i have to wrap each lock individually.

+ you don't need as many rods. i used about 40 rods and wrapped 3 or 4 dreads on each one of them. when i use the plastic rods i need a little over a hundred so i can wrap each one seperatly.

+ better for longer hair. i also decided to use the foam rods because they're a lot longer than the plastic ones. and my hair is currently too long to wrap around the short ones comfortably.

+ the rods are really light weight

+ long loose curls

+ my hair looks a lot fuller, which is fun


- the foam rods are a lil expensive (7 bucks for a pack of 10) when you consider a pack of 20 plastic rods is somewhere around 2 bucks. but then again you need more of the plastic rods so i'm not sure which is more cost effective. it really just depends.

- usually curling my locks helps maintain my roots. not this time around. these rods are so big that my roots didn't stay tight after wrapping the rods.

- i thought these would be easier to sleep in buuuut i was wrong. don't even attempt it.

- the curls fall a lot faster than with the short rods. with the plastic rods my curls will last anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks, and every week they look a lil different. it's only been 2 days and my curls are pretty flat but my locks have a slight bend to them.

interested in trying the foam rods? here are some helpful hints:

don't sleep in them. it's not worth it.
wrap your hair when its wet and sit under a dryer for a bit to help lock in the curls.
bend both ends of the rod to secure your hair. i learned this after they kept falling out.
wrap your hair with a scarf at night, this will help maintain the curls.

you can find the foam rods at sally's beauty supply and they come in a bunch of different lengths and thicknesses. overall, i like the results i've gotten with the plastic rods more...i just wish i could find some longer than 3 inches!

and just for refrence, this is what my hair looks like after using the short plastic rods,

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