--BABY C (darkerdarker_) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

23 days

my hair was layered before i decided to dread it, and because of that my ends are wispy and thin, which i like
the only problem is that i can't get the bottom hair of my hair to backcomb because of it (the layers)

the top halves of my hair are already slowly locking up, but what'll happen to the bottoms? 
i don't really mind if it dreads or not, i'm just nervous that the entire thing will unravel    D:

also, what happens if some skinnier backcombed sections are untangling themselves?
it's almost been a full month since i started..
should i re-backcomb?  i'm guessing that re-backcombing would untangle what's left and break off existing hairs?
      if i let it do what it wants but give it salt sprays and palmrolls, will it stay together?

upside down!  this is what i mean by wispy, thin ends.  i never wanted to have big, stubby ends,
so these are fine.

another example of the ends.

,my head is so itchy!

i've found that using wire really helps bulk up the insides

i've found that the bottom bleached portion of my hair is a lot harder and maturing faster than the 'healthier' brown parts.

have a nice day!

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