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questions about beading:

how many of you put beads and other things into your hair?
the friend who did my dreads said it wasn't a good idea because stuff would start growing under them.
i tried it out anyway, and really enjoy the process of collecting beads and choosing dreads to put them on.

i was wondering whether you guys think that stuff growing under your beads is a real problem. presumably this would be due in part to the fact that the hair under the bead won't dry very quickly. i suppose you could take off your beads every time you wash your hair, or slide them down a bit so that the area under them dries completely.

also, i've found that after i have a bead on a lock for a few days, if i slide it up or down the lock, it is usually really tight underneath. is this a good way to get dreads to tighten up? just slide a bead down the dread every couple of days?

thanks for any input you can give :)
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