mekkhy (mekkhy) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Well, I finally finished them! Backcombed, mostly by myself, with sectioning help by my mom and my boyfriend. I'm sure they could have been started much better, but I love them anyways. :)

This is my second set.. The first ones were done in a salon - they put perm solution on my hair first to fry it, then backcombed and waxed, and while I think I liked them for a little while, I eventually got frustrated and combed them all out at 4 months. They actually looked a lot like sneazle  's dreads did in the beginning. Her post kinda made me regret getting rid of them... part of the reason I got so frustrated with them was because there was over 100, and they were so small they had hardly locked up at all by 4 months... I didn't know anything about combining. (I meant to comment on the post, but I got distracted, so I hope she reads this... you are beautiful hun!)

Anyways, after combing them out I ended up cutting most of my hair off anyways, because my hair was so damaged, and I've been growing it out ever since in order to get them back. So here is the finished result!

I can't post pictures without editing them to hell... it's a problem, and I'm dealing with it.

Just one question while I'm at it - my hair was pretty damaged before I dreaded it. I hadn't cut my hair in at least 6 months. So, split ends and such... I read the post in the memories that says if you have white spots in your dreads (from hairs falling out) you can dye your hair and it will cover it up. Does that work with white spots on the ends of hairs as well? I don't really want to trim it yet, at least until they've matured and/or grown a bit. I don't see why this wouldn't work, but I just thought I'd ask.

You guys rock :)
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