searching for so truth (aquietbreeze) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
searching for so truth

i must lurk no more

About a week or so before.

At a festival with friends, dont ask why im tryin to look so hardcore....

One day old dreads.

They were so fuzzy and soft. I ended up splitting alot of them.  
well to be honest I think i split everyone except maybe 5
Some dreads split all the way down and others ended up all wonky breaking off half now i have a few baby dreads

This is at my cousins wedding
I  put fake flowers and wraped some dreads with yarn
I think these are about a month or so old

These last few are the most recent. 
around 4 months

I put some fish bowl  dye in a couple of them about a week ago. bleached some aswell
This picture makes them look more orange then they really are.

From the back... man i never get to see the back of my head
kinda strange    *   -  *

And here they are today!!
5 and  half months.


 Now that a got my camera back i thought id share....
By the way my names jen nice to meet ya :)
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