Like water lost in the sea <;3 (xx_curs3d) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Like water lost in the sea <;3

Hi. I need everyones opinions about something. I'm seriously thinking of combing out my dreads and redoing them. Right now they're very thin, ( I have about 70) and I don't think they're as tight as they should be at first either. Compared to other peoples' 1 or 2 week old dreads, mine are very scraggly, and don't really stand out too well. I would try combining them all or something, but I'm thinking that maybe my best bet would to be to comb them out while they're young and start over. After all, they're only about 2 weeks old. Earlier I combed out two of the front ones and made them one, and I think that I like this size much better. It also stuck out a little bit which they didn't do last time, so I know it combed it even tighter. Last time I had my friend help me with them and we didn't section or anything, which I think is initally the reason for the excessive amount of loose hairs. I've actually had people say things to me like, " combed out your dreads?" and "Those don't look like dreads." Not that their opinions really matter or anything, but I figure that if I'm in this for the long run, it just might be best to start over to get them the way I want them.

Opinions would be appreciated SO much. =]
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