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Greater Boston dreadlock-starters?

Hi all!

After lurking here for several months and checking out all of your lovely locks, I've finally decided that I'm ready to start my second set. My first set of locks didn't work out so well, so I'm really hoping it'll be different this time.

I was wondering if there was anyone in the Greater Boston area (accessible by MBTA, preferably!) who'd be willing to help me start my dreadies. Any takers? I'd certainly be willing to pay as long as the fee is reasonable, and I'd prefer to be worked on by someone who has done it before, and has a least a few pictures of their work.

Sadly I don't have any good pictures of the current state of my hair, but a basic rundown would be this: it's several inches longer than shoulder-length, never dyed/bleached and in fairly good condition, though it tangles easily because it's curly. Frankly I decided that the solution to always having to brush out annoying tangles would be to tangle it on purpose. =0)

Thanks in advance!
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