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well hello at last!

Having been an admirer of dreadlocks for a long time, i desparate to get started. Ive been reading the memories (wow what an awesome library) and lurking for about a year now, so thought id raise my head! I suppose what im asking advice upon is a myriad on beginners worries, regarding starting methods and the ensuring few months...

To cut a long stary short my hairs long and coarse and thick. I love the length, and am loathed to admit one of the main reason i'm put off by backcombing them as a start is the shrinkage im likely to encounter. I just dont want to loose that length inside the dread and be left with something thats too heavy to moove when wet! (i do a lot of sea related activities in the summer you see) I know not all dreads DO shrink a lot, but is suppose im being a wuss and saying "id just rather mine didnt!"

Im a great lover of Rip and Twist, having gone as far as putting a few thin dreads in the summer, but then changing my mind (orange hair- bad bleach eww). I love their texture, and the fact they seem to look neater from day one. I know they CAN shrink, but from what ive observed seem less likely to.

However with about 26 inches of thick hair, will rip and twist be "do-able"? The few dread i did in the nape of my neck didnt take a fantastic length of time but then they were thick at all, and i want chunky dreads too, im thinking about 40 of them. Im an awkward so and so, but i want to do this right and be happy with it.

Heres a terrible photoshop done when bored that shows the length and thickness...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Awful cut out i know :P

...and this my hair post pigtail braids...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So after much thinking aloud? For fattish dreads in my kinda hair, Will rip and twist work better than backcombing in avoiding shrinkage? And if I do decide on rip and twist, will i be able to do it alone? I dont know anyone who knows anything about dreading so this is gonna be a one gal journey!

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