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you'd love to know wouldnt u


heyy guys =) 

ok .. i posted awhile ago concerning dread-conditioning .... and yeah i'll post pics when i can be bothered reachin for my camera and ... do all that self-hair photo-takin shenanigans (blah) 

as for NOW !!! =) (seriously you have no idea how awesome all of you really are .... answering my stupid Q's etc and just for being all yay and prettty and dready and ... all of that) so first off, i send u all kisssess and hugggsess xxxxxx! 

i've got longass hair ... down to my bumbum .... with the undersides shaved .... my dreadies have started fattening up and its put on more weight significantly, i must note that my hair is only partially dreaded ... i have wisps of long normal hair down the front, framing my face, but theenn the strands of normal hair closest to my dreads have started tangling up and forming natural dreadies since i've been swimming in the ocean lots as of late. now its at that stage where its all messyyy and tangly and bird-nest-like and i still love it
now, since the dreadies has started putting on weight and fattening up into rope-like solidity, its assaulted my neck when i sleep on them and now im compelled to grab two of the fattest dreads on the very bottom, that is next to the nape of my neck, cut 'em off and extend shaving my undersides into the back of the head .... i KNOW its going to relieve my neck something hardcore !!!! 

shit ... im ranting so much that im completely straying away from my poiiiint

POINT: im thinking of extending my dreadies into the natural hair (read: dread-extensions) , but i have no idea how. anyone got tips ? should i sew them in ? (but id like to be able to take 'em out when i want my natural hair back) or braid 'em in ? 

i thank theeee for anyyy input ! 

love lovvee <3

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