exploding girl (d_e_l_e_r_i_u_m) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
exploding girl

Gone with the red :)

Well sort of... I tried several times to bleach my hair, but it never comes out exactly the way i want it, so now i think it's time to stop dying my hair and start growing out my own hair colour. Now i just bleached it once and dyed my hair light blonde, but as you can see it came out light yellow/orange/blonde...

so i went from this:

to this 

to this:

I'm not sure if you can really see the difference, but it's there!
And I am not sure if i really like it, i want it to be more blond.

Sorry for my recent picture overload, but i need advice... :)

+ a picture of my ex-dread cat :) i really loved him and we shared the same hair :) , but he died last year in an accident, and because i still really miss him, i just have to post a picture of him  :) hope you don't mind. 

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