Hermit Crab (freewings) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Hermit Crab

Epic Dread Post

No introductions!

Ready set

For reference of pre-dreaded hair:

Uh, ignore the face.

First session:

We only got a couple done at a time for a couple weeks because everyone's schedules conflict, but we decided to do them all in one go over spring break.

You can't really see the bangs we cut but whatever.

We just got them done the other night and they're still so fluffy. My head has doubled in size. We were counting while we did them and we lost track around 70, and then we probably did around ten more.

I named the first one jokingly, but we've all become attached to Stumpy, who is all awkward and hides on the right side of my head. I don't have a picture of Stumpy yet.

Honorable mention:

Backcombed like my entire head and is amazing even though my bangs are dumb.

Let me squeeze the shit out of his entire arm for most of it.


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