shelldoo (shelldoo) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

about dreads combining

no worries, i read the memories and didn't see anything like what i am about to ask so, hopefully the spankings will be the kind i like.

anyways, my dreads are maturing nicely, i even took the wool extensions off yesterday, they are laying pretty well, and with warm weather coming shorter is better, but what i am noticing is several have started eating each other, which i know is normal, i tore some apart, but a couple have really grown together tightly, my question is this, since my dreads were pretty thin, less then a pencil, is it possible a few needed to combine in order to be healthy? like not break? it seems the ones that combined the tightest are the ones that had been my thinnest, so that made me wonder. i haven't decided yet if i am going to tear those few apart or let them merge. all in all the babies are getting really tight, and even getting hard. since the initial backcombing i do nothing besides wash like twice a week, and occassionally tear them apart when i see them merging. i'll try to get some pics soonish
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