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A bit of an odd one...

I had a look through the memories, but there didn't seem to be anything there.

Does anyone know anything about the relation between hormones and hair texture? Let me explain the problem...

I use the contraceptive pill, have done for years. I've been having a bit of a break from it for a couple of months, which is a fairly sensible thing to do every now and again. Since I've not been taking it, however, my dreads have been becoming significantly looser. I have loose hair between my dreads, as well as around my hair line. I have really straight hair so loose hair is often an issue anyway, but this is getting silly...! It feels very soft, and it's difficult to get it knotty when I try to make little dread balls with the loose hair. I'm still using the same shampoo, and aside from palmrolling, I don't do anything else to them. They're almost 2.5 years old, I love them, but all this loose hair makes them look a mess (even more than usual!).

Just so it's not text-only

These are from January, and I think I've posted them before, but they're the most recent ones I have.

My dreads look just the same, but with more fuzzy loose hair everywhere!

On the mountain, my very favourite place to be.

Thanks for looking, you lovely dready people...! You all make me very happy!
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