barontone (barontone) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Removing Dreads...kind of sucks

Ha even the dog is trying to smile!

After thinking about it and avoiding it for a long time I finally decided to take out most of my dreadlocks. I really love them and think they are beautiful. Posting these pics really make me miss the fantastic mop on my head that I could just about do anything with. I had them for close to three years and would have kept them if I could manage them and do a better job of keeping them clean. Even before having dreads I had a problem with dandruff and with them the it was out of control and way too itchy. My hair is very oily and prone to dandruff so the thing to do for now is move on. I feel like having to have others clean my hair and put it up is part of the problem. If I were able I would know how to wash them well and dry them, but since I can't do all that on my own it makes it extremely difficult to keep them how I want them and separate and roll often as I would like.

Here are the pictures to document the experience and share with you all.



And after. Well almost...

I still have the bottom back row in. And I plan to keep two full intact so I can put up my hair without a hair tie.
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