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Hey there, we definitely haven't met, but I've been secretly stalking you for the past year.5!

My name is Joy. 16, living in a decent place on Vancouver Island. I recently dreaded my hair, thanks, in part,  to much indirect encouragement from all of you : ) My dad asked me some pretty good questions about me wanting to dread, and inkywitch's post reminded me you might appreciate the insight, so...  Oh, also, rainbowaster, I based one of my answers off your comment, because it fit me almost perfectly too. Pre-dready photos also under the cut.

Pops didn't know I'd already started them, so a little background blurb: started them 3 days ago. (Thursday) I put a bunch of beads in : ) There's a ladybug, a jingle bell (just so I don't get lost, you know), a heart, a rainbow, three stars, a yin yang, and various other, mostly glass, beads. Dad's questions are bolded.

So.... in that spirit (he'd just watched Whale Rider), what is it in you that wishes to wear dreads?

Tough question. I'm going to answer the others, cause I have a feeling I'll have some epiphanies in doing so that will let me answer this better. And obviously, I did. Keep reading.

And why is it that I resist you some. Not much, but yet, not none either.

Resistance could be due to you wondering if this is a choice I am making, or if I'm trying to conform. Maybe you're worried it could close doors, particularly job wise? Maybe you see it as a declaration of independence but still subconsciously want me to be your kid. Why are you resisting it?

Where is it that I don't respect you in your wishes? And where is it you want to rebel against what exists already, what lays behind you? Or is it not rebellion at all but something other, maybe something spiritual?

It's partly a rebellion. I feel like more of my own person now. I’m much more confident too, even after three days. Anyhow, I’m rebelling against two things. One: society’s ideal of beauty. I’m sick of bad self esteem, sick of being dragged down by unachievable ideals (even though I harp on myself to ignore things like that) and dreads are a way for me to realize and contribute to my own beauty. It’s time to turn my body into my temple, instead of my torture chamber (a bit extreme, but realistic in some ways at some points). Two: myself. Like I said, I’m sick of all the self destruction. And I’m sick of all the little things that drive me nuts because I have control over them. In a way, my dreads are going to be my textbook for learning that I can’t control everything in my life. “Things will happen that I can't stop, and I need to be able to handle it.” (thanks to

rainbowaster on this wonderful livejournal community called get_up_dread_up.) Spiritual: I’ve given this a fair bit of thought, but not entirely knowing what I believe, I can’t really tell. I feel closer to nature, to people, to family, because of them. Heck, I just feel closer. They make me feel more pure and more open to life. 

 With Whale Rider fresh in my being, I'm inspired to ask you - How would wearing dreads make you stronger?

Well, I think I’ve pretty much covered this… more self esteem, learning lessons…

How might it put you closer to your being, to yourself?

 I’ve found that I’m a lot more me when I feel pure and confident and feeling gorgeous : ) And with dreads, I’m hoping to make that a consistent feeling I carry around with me instead of just a void that’s filled for a few minutes every now and then. I want to comfortable with myself.

Would it be a mere distraction, or a learning thing? And would the answering of these questions together be part of that learning?

 Already answered : ) Except the distraction bit. They might actually give me a reason to sit down, slow down, and think. Every now and then I’ll have to go through and tuck in loose hairs, make sure they’re knotting up nicely, which will give me some breathing time that still feels productive.

Is there something in your mind which believes you'd be closer to Nature if you wore dreads?

 Answered… Yes, closer in general.

And if so, where would such an idea have come from?

The contemplating that brushing our hair isn’t necessarily natural. But then, the question “What is natural” has to be considered too. Cause I would say it’s natural for us to use tools for various tasks, and hair brushing could fall into that category to some people.

As you know, I love walking and being out in the woods, and the woods always remind me of nature (duh), which rings a bell with dreads. It’s just a connection I’ve come to make I suppose. And since I’m completely content, enthusiastic even, about that connection, I’m all for doing something to maybe take it to the next step. (If you’ve read/seen The Celestine Prophesy, it’s sort of like taking the next step in human evolution except that this is my own, personal evolution.)

Whew. That was a lot of “I”s. It’s strange to talk about yourself so much in an hour. Super Self Scrutinization. Yay for inventing words : P Any more questions Pops?

About a year ago.  Just so you can put a face to a name

...and maybe hair to the face. Gotta love them trampolines!

How about you lovely people? What are your answers?

Post-dread photos soon. My camera's broken, but I got a few shots yesterday on friend's camera. Nice to finally communicate with all of you!  
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