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Well, it's been pretty much exactly 4 months, and they're still going strong!  Well, I'm somewhat dissapointed in a lot of ways -- I've been feeling like they haven't been making much progress.  I randomly rip and twist the ends a lot, and I palm roll in the shower, but it doesn't seem to be doing much!  I know it'll happen eventually, I just wish there was more I could do to speed up the process.  I'm up for suggestions!

Anyways, some pictures, because it's been a while.  

These were all taken yesterday, at my uncles' house for easter.  Yes, I was bored.  And in a damn good mood and all that.

This picture shows what they look like pretty well.

I love how my face is a completely different colour from the rest of my body, haha

Ignore the angsty looking-ness, and note the frizziness/scragliness.  yum!

And such a pretty face to boot!

I hate to ramble, but it's somehwat depressing for me to look at these pictures.  It reminds of how happy I was 24 hours ago... and how unhappy I am now.  Who knew things could change so quickly?  In those pictures is optimistic Kaitlyn(especially that last one, phew), who is so long gone right now!  And it's all made so much worse by the fact that I know I could have made it work, and that there was so much more fun to be had.  But fear always seems to get the best of people.  Yeah, break-ups(or whatever it was) suck.

Hey, at least I have my hair!
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