13_sweet_lilies (13_sweet_lilies) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Two weeks

My baby dreads are a mere two weeks old now.
And I have found out that I would absolutely not make a good Rasta as I don't have any patience whatsoever...

It's been two weeks and I have washed once, back combed, palm rolled, crochéed, and this morn I used a felt needle.

I washed them after a week already because I used lock and twist gel and the itching drove me nuts!
So I decided to NOT use any product on them anymore to keep their from.
I since my last wash they my head doesn't itch at all, so yeah the natural dreads are way better.

I wanted to dye my hair this week, but today i decided I'd better wait untill the next wash. And as my head doesn't itch I don't need to wash them yet.

Erm... I didn't think the felt needle would actually make a difference but damn they're good! :D
I only used one needle, but found out that if you take the loose hair with the dread and twist the whole lock like that and then felt needle it twisted, it just works like a charm!
No crochéing necessary anymore! which is good, because that only creates more loops when the dreads are this young I guess.
And I don't like loops :P
I want my babies to become tight and round and very even.
I do have dreads in different thicknesses and I like that :)

let's see if I can make some pics of what they look like now..

too bad, my batt is empty! first a recharge and then pics! :)
see you guys


*edit: For pics looky here
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