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I almost wet myself today in excitement when I tried back coming the shortest part of my hair today to see how it would stay. Looks like my hair finally just long enough to back comb without looking like a pineapple! YAY!

Only thing is, I came across a little problem.. I did about 8 in the back of my head (and would have take pics for you all to explain, but I'm lacking a camera cord for the moment), and by the time I had started working on the last one, I noticed the first few were going insane and already trying eat at each other and tangle! So, for now, I combed em out (my sectioning also kind of sucked).

I've heard people bad mouth rubber bands a fair bit... but what the best way for me to start my dreads and keep them sectioned nicely while they lock and form themselves? I've heard of people using thread? But I'm not really sure how that works.

I'm just back combing with a very fine tooth comb, palm rolling, no wax, and plan to do some salt water soaks a little later on and depending on how the develop, maybe a tiny bit of felting.

My hair is fine (strands), but it's thick and wavy, and I have a fair bit of it though it's been razored and thinned with styling over the years. It's healthy and good condition at the moment. It tangles fairly well, except for the ends.

I'd rather stay away from the way if I can, but if I think I need too, I'll try using a TINY bit of wax, probably Knotty Boy or DreadHQ (I like the sound of Knotty Boy more, but it may be a bit harder for me to get here in Aus).
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