skip_rat (skip_rat) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


Hey guys and gurls, was looking up how to fix my dready problems and stumbled across this site, i think i may have written my troubles as a comment to someones post, sorry bout that, any way

ill ask again cause i stuffed it tha first time, i have really new dreads (2 days) been rolling them heaps and swimmin in tha ocean ta salt cake em to no avail. wat do u recommend to give my babies tha best start in life?

second, i bleached tha hell outa my hair before i got my dreads and i think my hair is falling apart, anything i can do to give it a bit of life again??

anyway im skip from wollongong australia thankx for any help u can lend and ive already leant heaps already from readin tha threads form u lot! cheers heaps ay!

^_^ Skip
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