fraggle (ryupuppet) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

redye-ing dreadies?O_o

Hello my fellow dreadheads! I'm having a problem redye-ing my dreads and I was pondering if any of you guys had any advice you'd be so kind to pass on? My situation is thus: I dyed my dreadies using a permanent purple hairdye a couple of months ago, which has now grown out by a couple of inches. Last night, I tied dyeing the whole lot (dreadies and roots) to a honey brown colour. My plan to re-dye it all to a new colour hasn't quite worked tho>.>, as while my roots have dyed to the right colour, the dreadies still have the old purple colour showing through~~.... Do you think there is any way I can dye the dreads to match the roots, or should I maybe just bleach the whole lot and start overO_o?
Hmmm thinking about it, this is probably more of a general hair dye question than specifically dreadhead, but ah well^^;;;
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