★☆★SkaBadger☆★☆ (skabadger) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

ragamuffin statement!

so i should be finishing my dissertation, but instead im slacking posting on here and listening to the new dizzee rascal tune which is well good!! can't remember when i last posted but my dreads are still growin and people always remark on how long they are...i dont wear them down enough though cos i got loads of loose bits on top which i need to sort out but i havent had the time!! and im also drunk in most of these pics..but i am not a pisshead..cameras jus always seem to pop up on drunken nights out :D

very VERY drunk and in the middle of saying something hence the rubbish face....!

my friend kip loves my dreads so he tried them on in this photo lol...

wine tastes alright when you're already drunk haha

last friday,,a night id rather forget due to being farrrr too drunk, my face looks so vacant, and my friend robby looks pretty messy, oh dear!!

so yeah thanks for lookin at my photos sorry i appear to be a right wreckhead lol!!!!
Peace!! xxx
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