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dread HELP in Pittsburgh, PA?!?!?!

Hi there. I've been slowly but surely putting in the dread extenders that I painstakingly made (dread-perming 12-14 inch human hair on a weft) but its taking FOREVER and because I cant see what Im doing, some of them arent very secure and have slipped out. My own hair is around 6 inches long and was dread-permed 3 months ago, and the dreadies tho short are pretty tight. I have about 40 on my head, medium sized, and they are dyed special effects dark purple. I was using o0_vibrata_0o's method to install the extensions, as shown here: but that didnt seem secure enough, so I tried Doctor Locks' method of sewing them in as shown here: using synth hair in dark purple (to match my own hair) as thread. However its going VERY slowly, it took me weeks alone to make all the dreads, and with a newborn in the house who's constantly needing me I havent had time to install more than a dozen or so. I'm about to just give up and cut it all off out of frustration! But then all my hard work would go to waste and I'd hate myself!!! :-( I was hoping to find someone in my area (I live in Pittsburgh PA) to help me out.... with 6 kids I'm really pretty broke and dont have extra cash to pay, but I can barter hair services... I have experience doing all sorts of extensions (microlinks, fusion, braids, bonded wefts etc) as well as color, and am pretty good w/dread maintainance as well (as long as its on someone elses head lol) and would gladly barter services :) Anyone that's interested, leave a message here or email me @

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