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dreaming about dreads

Hi there!

This is a babbling post, so I'll put everything behind the cut.

I desperately want dreadlocks again. I had dreads for 2-3 months about 2 years ago. However, they were sectioned way too big for my taste, and were sectioned in grids with a straight part down the middle. (ewww) Also, I'd elected to keep my bangs out, which meant I was having to wash my bangs every day, but try not to get my dreads wet. I hadn't washed my hair in about two days when I got them done, so you can see what I mean about my hair getting greasy...

I'm thinking about going at it again, although I would love some advice.

I have really fine hair that doesn't tangle easy. I know that it dreads up well with the help of a little Knotty Boy and a lot of elbow grease. However, I was wondering how thin would be advisable? I'm not sure how the amount of unknotted hair correlates to the size of the dread...

I've seen in the memories that random sectioning is better than a grid? Is it possible to get relatively even sections this way?

Can anyone give any advice on working with layered hair or working bangs into dreads?

Here's my hair now:

Here's an older picture that shows the texture of my hair better:

...I hadn't thought about dreads in a while, and then I went to check out the KB un-dreading kit and I realized I really want dreads again. I get really sick of my hair. I have to use conditioner to make it manageable and I have to fuss with it every morning. It gets greasy after 12 hours, or after sleeping on it. It never behaves the way I want it to, and blowdrying or straightening doesn't seem to make a difference. Basically, I'm fed up with this girly shit and would love to not have to wash it every single day when it ust causes me grief.

I'm trying to figure out ways to not look like such a hippy with dreads. I'm a vegan and a social service major, so a lot of people already think of me as fairly hippy-ish. Perhaps dyeing my hair a funky color? (Like pink or different shades or pink/burgundy/red)

Speaking of dyeing, would it be better to dye my hair before or after I'm dreaded up? What's the best brand to use?

Answers to questions/tips/comments/advice/encouragement/discouragement are all welcome!
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