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21/22 months

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The left side always looks better than the right, imo. I don't like that there's empty space without dreads, but I am glad that there's at least hair in that empty space and not "bald spots" like I used to have.

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About a month ago I investigated the back of my head, something I hadn't done in awhile. I found a bunch were growing together at the root (I know it's quite common) and I suddenly felt a sense of panic. An intense fear of it all knotting together in one inseparable mass? It was very strange. Then I remembered experiencing that panic early on in the process, probably after a few months. Anybody else ever felt that or am I weird?

I hadn't been doing anything to it for months, now I'm ripping them every few days. It's mostly the hair at my neck that was previously loose and has only recently begun dreading itself, and trying to incorporate everything around it. Although I was planning on keeping that section straight, I'm glad it did start knotting up on its own cos now I know that my hair can dread naturally, and more quickly than I thought. I'd definitely like to attempt a natural set after this one. Dreadlocks are the coolest. Like a garden on your head!
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