amy edwards (toeknuckles) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
amy edwards

yes, i'm a lurking bastard

trying to rectify that...every so often i go through a phase of trying to post and comment...and then i forget.

anyway, here's a wee collection of photos. my dreads are about 10-11 months old (we put them in over the course of about a month), and about half the length that my undreaded hair was.
shrinkage man...who knew?

this is my angry spider impersonation...

(taken in february)

and this one is from january...

current photo - i dyed over the red/pink dreads with brown. plain, boring brown. i dig it.

same day..

and one of the awesomest things about dreads?
they lend themselves SO WELL to zombie costumes...
(these were taken quite a while ago now)

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