lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

new joe pics

gorthok at deception pass a few weeks ago.

& by the way, i'm making the naughty_knotty post i threatened promised as soon as i'm done here.

off topic: cell phone time for sale
hi. i have an older cell phone on a verizon pre-pay plan. i've got over $250 on account with it which comes to 40 hours of night/weekend minutes, or ~12 hours of daytime use. it's $15/month to keep it active, & the minutes keep rolling over so long as it stays active.

i've had no problems with it in the six years i've used it, but i just picked up a new cell with joe on a 'family' plan, & i don't need the pre-pay account anymore. would anyone here be interested in buying it off me before i bother with ebay? best offers considered. thanks.

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