May Contain Traces Of Peanuts (patient__mental) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
May Contain Traces Of Peanuts

Hey again everyone, how are we all this fine day (even though it's 2:55am here.) I just thought i'd lay a question on you all once again so here it goes....

What are the Pros and Cons You have found with having dreads?

For me it basically breaks down like this;

- I had dreads for a year before and i've had these ones for just over three months and i've never once had a "bad hair day"
- No brushing - ideal for the lazy bastard
- They get people's attention
- In the area i live in, it's a very unique hairstyle
- I only have to wash my hair once a week - again, ideal for the lazy bastard

- Employment can be a bitch
- They get people's attention - They attact all the staring people

That's all i can think of just now.
Thanks for your time, that will be all
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