reggaerachael (reggaerachael) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

What is your favorite dread decoration??  I need inspiration for cool things to put in my hair!  Do you have beautiful beads or creative things that you wouldn't normally consider to add to you hair?  I wanna seeeeee!

This is my sustainable living homework.  We are supposed to design a backyard using the principles of permaculture.  I took it a little further and decided to color in and add some pizzazzzz.  Turns out its kind of hard to draw dreads in!  But you can kind of tell that I have 'em in my picture.

heres a dread pic:

They will be 2 months old on Saturday, which is also EXTRAVAGANJA!, a pro-marijuana decriminalization event here in Amherst where people gather to smoke up publicly in the center of town whilst cops watch and don't do a damn thing.  Whoo!
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