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Lesson Learned.

So i have recently learned lesson. When i got my dreads (1yr 8 months ago) there were little hairs between teh dreads and so i just cut them (STUPID STUPID STUPID) and then the hairs between my dreads started accumulating. Recently i decided it was such a hassle to keep cutting them that i would just let them grow out and then crochet them back in once they were long enough. The result after a couple weeks of growing them out is me with a super fuzzy head and little tufts of uncontrollable hair sticking out everywhere. I wear a headband or scarf every day to keep them under control and not make me look like a chia pet that has been badly cut. Conclusion: NEVER cut the hair between, always put it back into the dread. (Such an obvious lesson i should've clued into, but sadly didn't)

On a different subject entirely, my dreads are now long enough so that when i sit down on a chair with a back and try to move my head i cannot...and also when i put my backpack on they get stuck constantly! I am in love with them still though. I can't wait until they get a lot longer. :)

fuzzies EVERYWHERE!!!

the fuzzies from below

the fuzzies from the side


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