pocketlighter (pocketlighter) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


I'm rather excited this birthday because I'm finally old enough to get into a club here. It's a 25+ club, makes you feel good to age! I'm so happy I could pee myself.

And since I've never posted any pics of my dread babies, here you gooooo.... They were started Sept. 1, 2006. (These photos were taken April 18, my dreads aren't interesting enough to other people for a timeline, ha!)

This photo was taken before I combined my 180 dreads into roughly 77.
Some were too tiny, and the upkeep was driving me insane.  (This was taken
December 25, 2006) I see more progress with them thicker, of course.

I plan on taking the dread extension route when they turn one. 

Cause baby hands, cell phones, and awesome aunts are just sweet.

Back view...I hate the colors that my hair has adopted. It's like a brownish/red, icky color. 

Odd close up, we've got a long way to go..

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