Carolyn (anarche0101) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


I was wondering if anyone here uses Dr. Bronner's on their dreads. I love how multi-purpose it is...
Are there any better soaps/shampoos I should try?

Can anyone provide some good recipes for dread products? I found some helpful Knotty Boy stuff, but I would much rather not pay out the ass for stuff I can probably make cheaper at home.

If you want to rep any great products, now would be the time. I'm planning on dreading in about 3 weeks. (Unless, of course, I get that stuffy office summer job I applied for...then I won't be dreading up until late August/early September...)

Is there anything out there that's better than wax for helping out caucasian hair? I have really fine hair and it forms dreads really well with KB wax. (I'm pretty sure I used it quite sparingly.) I know that a ton of people here despise anyone putting wax on their head...

I found a deep cleaning recipe on here, will that counter the nasty effects of dread wax?

Does anyone have any tips for combining bangs into the sections before dreading?

Sorry for the badgering!
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