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Eight month timeline!

2 weeks. Backcombed baby dreads!

One month, just before taking in some salt water in Seattle.

Two months, a bit of red passion manic panic to shake things up.

The third month is MIA.

Fourth month, a banner for me. My first set was shaved off for a Cancer research fundraiser at four months. The journey was all new to me from here on in...

Fifth month.

Six months and they're shaping up!

Smurfy at seven!

Today. Roughly 8 months since I first started backcombing, coloured for the first time with henna (love it!)

I absolutely love my locks. I just let them loop and curl and do as they will. All I do it a bit of rubbing at the roots once in a while to keep them dreading as they grow. It is so awesome to see everyone here sharing their unique dread journey. No head is the same, which makes every one beautiful.

Thanks for being here.
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