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Sports and Dreads

I've been thinking about getting dreadlocks for about a year (oddly enough, when my mother mentioned that she thinks I'd look good in them). My hair begins to dread naturally if I leave it alone, and I like the idea of not having to wrestle with my curls every morning (even though I do like the way they look when they behave). I'm thinking I will probably get them done not too long after classes end, but I have some reservations.

I'm actively involved in judo and hapkido. Both of them involve a lot of throwing and falls, and I was wondering if there is any way dreads could make this a problem. I will need to be able to pull my hair back to keep it out of my face and my opponents for practice and competition and I was wondering if there might be an acceptable way to do this with dreads (with undreaded hair longhairs usually braid or French braid). Obviously I wouldn't be able to wear beads in my dreads if I'm going to be active in these sports. A wooden or glass bead smacking an opponent in the eye would probably not go over well.

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This is just a reference for how long and thick my hair is. This is not a usual state, I was helping my boyfriend with an English project.

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Another reference for length.

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And a close up to show the texture and general behavior of my hair. This is how curly it is, no product and no shampoo used in the shower.
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