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the third time is a charm

here it is 12.25 Am and I am awake. 
Not still awake I've woken by a hungry and playful four week old kitten who I've yet to name.

So I went from 14 days with dreads to now only 4 days without and I miss them like crazy.

I've decided on my next day off of work and school they are coming back.(after I dye them to a natural colour)

This time I am recruiting help to save my arms from being sore. I also am going to section first, well at least so I don't have any 'bald' spots. That'll save a few headaches :) And hopefully be done in one day rather than three. . .

So I just have a few things that I know are in the memories and want to make sure I understand as to have a better third time.

*start with clean hair
*rubber band only to section and take off ASAP that way as not to prevent knotting.
*wax and other products are optional
(some slow down the process and some help it,
 it all depends on hair type,  frequency of use and personal preference)
*make the first time backcombing a good one, cause any other is causing more harm then good unless it's a fresh start.
*crocheting, felting , and other methods of 'fixng' can help "quicken' and 'neaten' but shouldn't be over done as the can break and weaken dreads
*Dreads can be washed in almost anything that doesn't leave a residue
*Dreads can be dyed after they  can stand a good washing

Patience and TIme are  the key to beautiful,loving dreads :)

I am going to quit rambling now and go back to sleep


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