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Where have I been?!

Okay, I promise I haven't forgotten GUDU, I'm just a little busy these days.

I think the last time I posted, Lish had done some maintenance for me. Like, almost six months ago.

Well, now I'm blonde!

Alas, the blonde thing didn't start so well. My hair was being fucking difficult, and regardless of the amount of toner we used, I was duckling yellow. Also, the pink on the tips that I cannot get out of my hair? We bleached it. Twice. And used color removal. Not only did it not get the hell out, it turned BRIGHT fucking NEON. Rrr.

March came with more success.

April, and I need to touch up my roots a bit, I think.

My rat, Rizzo.

My rat, Luce.

And they're finally GROWING!!
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