My Sweetheart The Drunk (folkemup) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
My Sweetheart The Drunk

hey ya'll.

last night i spent allll night washing/brushing my dreads out.

i know i know. why you ask? i dont even know. well the main reason was they smelled sooo bad. i didnt even realize it. but i really gagged from the smell. i hadnt washed my hair in about 6 months. and i knew no matter how much i washed them, the stink was deep in the dread haha. IT WAS TOO LATE!!! : )

so..yeah. they are gone. i am VERY sad. very very sad. i miss them already.

i was a BIG advocate of not washing the dreads. but ya know what? wash them. haha. not everyday. but do it like once a week. because mine STANKED. it was real bad.
oh and its lots of fun finding all the crap that is inside of your dreads. i wont share the gory details haha.

so if you dont mind i am still going to give people tips since i have had dreads 3 times and learned a lot.

someday i will get them again. i know it. beucase i love and respect dreads

love ya'll
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