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i found this community as a result of work-induced, web-surfin' boredom, and am completely and totally stoked that i did. i've been a dreadhead for almost two years and have yet to find some like-locked folk in my neck of the woods. i figured i'd introduce myself so's not to be a stranger anymore. =)

i dreaded my hair in september 2005, shortly after arriving in germany as part of a year-long study abroad program. having come from a relatively restrictive southern upbringing, the shiny, new-found parentless freedom--and some encouragement from my best friend--led to the conception of my babies a year earlier than i'd planned. originally, i'd intended to dread my hair my freshman year of college, then cut them whenever i graduated. [which will probably be in seven more years... hooray for grad school!] now, as they near their two-year mark, i've become more and more convinced that if i ever cut them off, i'd be miserable til i had enough hair to grow them back out again. they're as much a part of me as anything else, and most people don't even remember what i looked like before i had them. and speaking of which...

the before.

senior picture, late 2004.
my hair was supa-fine and loooong:

pre-graduation, may 2005.
when i was a weird-ass lookin' emo wannabe.
[note the layered bang.]

[cue flight to germany!]

the after.

about one week post-dread day. sometime early september 2005.

and from the side!

dread day was followed a month later by my-first-piercing day! late november.

what became of my bangs: mini dreads! october/november-ish.
[the make-up was at the request of a friend.]

last photo with the dread bangs. new year's eve.

then i combed them out. late january 2006.

update on the back end. same day.

pigtails 1 & 2. sometime in march. [two because one shows my surface piercing. the lip ring came out by accident.]

pigtails again. these pictures make it look like i wear the same three shirts over and over... april 13, for my sis's birthday.

my celebration of returning to the states: beads! late june. [most of the beads have since fallen out. overkill much?]

[then i started college and ceased to appear in photos for a good minute.]

LOX salon in knoxvegas. march 2007.

there's actually three colors in my hair now: dark brown, burgundy, and blonde. i let brynn, the salon's owner, amuse herself when dyeing them and just told her to put the colors anywhere. somehow i ended up with only four blonde dreads, two of which are pictured. someone mentioned in a recent post about the striped effect after dyeing, thanks to beads? yep, i got that too. i like it, especially because the dyes caused the brown color from my beads to transfer to the blonde locks, and there's natural-blonde gaps in my dark brown and burgundy locks. i haven't bothered to replace any of the old beads that fell out because the stripes are so neat. =)

i'll do my best to get a picture of my decorating spree from the last week or so [celebrating the return home and escape from over-bearing opinionated bosses!], soon as i figure out where i packed my digital camera... which may take a while. =/

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