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I cant grow my dreads yet but at least i can think about how i wll... ;)

Hi I’m new here, still waiting for my hair to be long enough to dread and trying to read everything that has ever been written about dreads so that I can do mine right… lol

That said, I’ve got a bit of a technical question maybe not answerable but I’d like to think i worth considering as I think as it poses some interesting options to help lock up.

Do dreads require some loose hairs to lock up/ lock up faster with loose hairs?

-And therefore by extension, can dreads be made to mature faster, grow fatter or lock up faster at the roots by having more loose hairs? -

Reasons why I think they do:

1.       It would seem hard for a bunch of hairs to get tangled up when attached at two ends but very easy if they have loose hairs to tangle amongst them slipping through any loops so that the loops cannot come undone.

2.       When you rub your roots clockwise, yes you are tangling them a bit but you are probably also creating loose hairs by breaking weak ones – could this be a reason why rubbing is so effective?

3.       One thread on get up dread up, in the memories I think, said that the thickness of your dreads is due not only to the size of the patch but to the rate that your hair falls out which means that you could make your dreads thicker by sacrificing length -for people with thin hair/don’t like big sections with small dreads-.

I know it’s a kind of random question but I wonder if it could lead to faster or fatter dreads or maybe shorter roots by using a felting needle or something to cut a few hairs mid dread or at the roots create more loose hairs. So if you feel like speculating with me or have an insight to share please do – maybe you guys can help me come up with a new method for me to try on my impending dreads when they are old enough…

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