Brandon (stillsearching_) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

New Shampooooooo!

My dreads are about 3 months or so old. I haven't been keeping them very clean lately due to the fact that I didnt like my current shampoo. i have been using dr bronners peppermint soap. it seemed no matter how much i diluted it or how much i rinsed, i was left with this nasty residue feeling in my hair. so looking through the memories, i came across a lot of soaps, mostly brands that are not found easily near where I live. I did come across one person who said that they loved Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Shampoo. I ran out and bought a bottle and wow. i love it. it does the job quite well. it left my scalp feeling remarkably clean and my hair feeling soft. rinsing it was very easy. Anyways, just though that i would throw a little recommendation out there. it cost about &10 for a 10oz. bottle. which isn't too cheap, but it's not all that expensive either.
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